venerdì 13 maggio 2011

The Thracians: Dacia Moesia Thracia Macedonia Odrysia Illyria Scythia Sarmatia

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The Thracians: Dacia Moesia Thracia Macedonia Odrysia Illyria Scythia Sarmatia

Pelasgian Inspirations, Life Before Greece.

This video is a tribute to the Pelasgian people, their oral history and traditions that form a major uncelebrated pillar upon which Ancient Athens stood. I also touch on the Albanian question, which may be linked.

The question of the role of the Albanians is still an open one, but in such a reactionary climate like that of modern Greece, any discussion of an Albanian role or even of the great Pelasgian aboriginal mythology appears to be restricted, possibly directed from the state level, who knows.

In some peculiar way, a truly peaceful future for Europe may lie in the opening up of the Greek question in order to begin the path towards an honest re-integration of European history with that of the other great cultures of Africa, India, China, etc.

The notion of a fixed starting point for European culture that begins in Greece is scientifically unsound and fundamentally racist at the core, though many adherents to this notion are surely not aware of this dimension. After all, transcendence of racism and total planetary integration are not exactly the primary contents of textbooks around the world.

Hopefully science and social progress will bring us all down to earth eventually, and humility will finally find its way back into the cultures of the Balkans and into Europe as a whole.

We have a lot of work ahead of us to reunite humanity and unleash our full creative potential.



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